Sweet Bauer Story

I've always been creative and a maker. I spent my childhood painting and drawing and it was only later in life that I discovered fiber arts. Sweet Bauer officially started when my first son was born. I got this urge to teach myself to knit - what baby doesn't need a zillion hats to fling out the of the stroller. As my sons grew, so did my interests and now I make mobiles, ornaments and needle felting kits.

Cows and calfs in a green grassy field

This type of work runs deep in my family - almost like a reflex. Maybe that is why I was seized with the need to make things for my own. My grandmother raised sheep on her farm in Poland. She dyed and spun the wool to later knit and crochet lovely and practical garments as well as elaborate decorative sculpture pieces. My grandfather was a tailor when he first came to this country. I have and still use some of the same tools that he used.

I love making items that relay a little story or capture a moment. My studio, in the foothills of the Berkshire mountains, is surrounded by majestic giant oak trees and birds often nest in the rhododendron outside my window. Nature and family are central themes in my work and I'm inspired by all the beauty and magic that both can hold.

                                       ducks walking on grass with white fence in background